All or Nothing Mini Flag

  • These flags are hand sewn by women in Mumbai, India who have been freed from the sex slave industry.
  • We believe we can make a difference and that giving it all you have is enough.
  • This flag is made with heavy canvas, with two brass grommets.
  • Sewn in freedom in India at Aruna /Printed locally in Cincinnati
  • 26" l x 16" w

From the Maker, The Parative Project:

"PARATIVE = FREEING WOMEN OUT OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING. It is the core and purpose of our business. It is what we base every business decision off of, it is why we haul our kids with us to the post office multiple times a week, it is what gets us to bust our butts on this company.

Our impact... Currently, we are partnered with Somerset in Mumbai, India. There are 25 women employed there who used to be trafficked and are now experiencing above a living wages, healthcare, counseling, retirement, and community. These women hand sew our flags and then ship them 8,000 miles to us.

Why flags… in WW2 families hung flags to show their support for family members in the war. We thought flags would be the perfect way for people to show support to the fight against human trafficking. Flags are also REALLY FREAKING COOL. We were sick of guilt purchasing for causes instead of finding really amazing quality products that were highly sought after. We wanted to design something that people loved whether it was made for a cause purpose or not. In our case though, human trafficking isn’t just the icing on top of every purchase, IT IS THE PURPOSE AND ONLY REASON WE EXIST. THIS FLAG MAY NOT CHANGE YOUR LIFE, BUT IT WILL CHANGE SOMEONE ELSE’S."

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