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Palo Santo Plate

  • Ceramic plate handmade by ceramic artist Jeffrey Ryan May in Ojai, California.
  • Cleanse the air of negative energy by burning this South American hold wood.
  • Palo Santo is from the Bursera graveolens - a wild tree found in areas from Mexico to Peru. Belonging to the same family as Frankincense and Myrrh, it produces incredibly aromatic and hypoallergenic resin that only grows stronger in concentration with age.
  • Ignite your stick of Palo Santo. Hold at about a 45 degree angle pointing the tip down toward the flame. Allow it to burn for about 30 secs to 1 minute and then blow out sending your intentions with the smoke.
  • Plate dimensions: 5.5" x 1"

From the Maker, Mayware Ceramics:

"Mayware Ceramics specializes in contemporary, wheel-thrown, functional pieces designed to bring the art of handmade design into everyday use. Each piece is crafted with intention by ceramic artist Jeffrey Ryan May, and is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

Mayware is the brainchild of artist Jeffrey Ryan May, and partner, Carole Kennelly. Carole and Jeffrey met in the Spring of 2011 in Ojai, CA. The couple spent the following year in San Francisco and Berkeley where they began to establish their first wholesale accounts around the beloved Mission District. Soon thereafter, opportunity took them to Arizona where they officially launched Mayware Ceramics in January of 2014.

In 2018, Mayware Ceramics reestablished itself in Jeffrey's home town of Ojai, CA where the couple now resides."

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